The foundations of Atelier Saman Amel was laid in late 2010 by childhood friends Saman Amel and Dag Granath in Stockholm, Sweden.
From the very beginning, the brand has developed organically with main focus on the refinement of the product offered. Craftsmanship and the concept of the handmade product has always been a key part of Atelier Saman Amel ethos. No matter the specific product, this slow and organic process will always be key to the brand since it makes room for contemplation, fine-tuning and personal interaction. To some extent, one could argue that Atelier Saman Amel developed in reaction to fast fashion practice. This is something we take great pride in.

Atelier Saman Amel Team

Andreas Lagergren
Dag Granath
Saman Amel


Christian Halleröd, Interior design
Henrik Lundell, Photography
Isak Wiström, Web development
Petter Berg, Photography
Victor Olsson, Art Direction

Saman Amel

Dag Granath

Stockholm, Sweden

Atelier Saman Amel
Kommendörsgatan 21
114 48 Stockholm

By appointment only