Our World

The world of Atelier Saman Amel evolves around two closely related concepts that, to a certain extent, have become scarce commodities in our modern age: time and dialogue.

All great things takes time to refine and maintain. The faster society as a whole is moving, the more time becomes the luxury necessary to create the extraordinary. Atelier Saman Amel has from the very start approached the process of developing materials, designing products, setting up production and refining craftmanship with the belief that time is what differentiates good from great.

Dialogue, on the other hand, is an art form that can take on many shapes. Dialogue is what drives relationships forward as it increases our understanding for each other and let people grow together through interaction. For Atelier Saman Amel, the dialogue is incremental in the process communicating values and understanding what is necessary to deliver something that exceeds the expectations of the client.