Atelier Saman Amel offers one characteristic overcoat style: the “split raglan”. Split raglan refers to the construction of the shoulder which is made with a raglan shoulder line at the back while complemented with a vertical shoulder line in the front. This design is constructed to bridge the formal and casual sides of the wardrobe; making it suitable for most occasions.

As with all Atelier Saman Amel garments, the fit of the overcoats are made in dialogue with the client, however, as a rule the split raglan overcoat is fitted on the generous side.

Atelier Saman Amel overcoats are made in Italy, and can be made in a great variety of fabrics: from heavy British wool or Italian cashmere to  light wool mixes.


Made by skilled Italian craftsmen to create a garment that is essentially comfortable wearing in any context. Design options on the split raglan are more restricted than with other categories of Atelier Saman Amel tailoring. Made in Italy.


Price upon request


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Atelier Saman Amel operates by appointment only. To book an appointment, please follow the link below. Please note that bookings can be made without immediate intention of placing an order.

First meeting
The first fitting usually takes about 30 mins-1 hour. A customized fit is created based on a sample garment offered and cloth is picked.

Second meeting
The second fitting is scheduled 6 weeks after the first fitting. During the second fitting we make alterations and update the clients fitting profile for future orders. 

The product is ready for delivery.