Atelier Saman Amel offers two different lines of suiting. The two types are similar in the sense that they are made by professional Italian tailors who employs a floating canvas construction with a natural drape. The measurement process is the same regardless of what line of suiting you may chose, however, the choices available in terms of fabrics and design as well as the level of handicraft put into the product varies between the different lines.


Napoli – The essence of the Neapolitan tailoring tradition. The product is made fatto a mano (totally by hand) and requires 40-50 hours of work for each suit. Designs associated with the craft like a spalla camicia and doppio impuntura are optional. The canvas, which is also attached by hand, is soft and light. Handmade in Italy.

Toscana – A hand finished product which increases in character over time. Following the natural lines of the client, the Toscana product is essentially comfortable wearing at all occasions with a general appeal of effortless elegance. Made in Italy.

Price upon request.

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