Atelier Saman Amel has clients visiting the Stockholm atelier from all over the world. For clients who are unable to visit Stockholm for a private fitting, trunk shows is an alternative way to get the full experience of having an Atelier Saman Amel garment made up.

During trunk shows, the entire Atelier Saman Amel offering – ranging from formal evening wear to casual leisure wear – is on display. The atelier team will carefully guide the client through the process and the different product categories. When placing an order the atelier team will set up the client’s personal profile to keep traction of existing orders and facilitate coming ones.

Su Misura

The Atelier Saman Amel tailoring service is called su misura which is Italian and means tailored or customized. Atelier Saman Amel is working with body measurements as well as with sample garments to create a customized fit for each client. This process generates a higher stage of personal alteration than conventional made-to-measure.

The customer has relatively free hands with the garment, as long as it is not in total contradiction with the aesthetics appeals Saman Amel stands for. The final garment is almost exclusively the result of a close dialogue between the atelier team and the client at hand.

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Evening Wear




Products Releases 

Our latest developments in form of products or materials are first released at our locations for you to experience firsthand.


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Book an appointment
Atelier Saman Amel operate by appointment only. To book an appointment, please follow the link below. Note that booking an appointment does not imply putting an order; we love to show our product over a cup of coffee casually and unprejudiced.

First fitting
The first fitting usually takes about 1-1,5 hours. During time the clients body measurements are taken and a digital fit profile is created. Apart from this, we decide all the design aspects as well as the fabric for the product. The first fitting is conducted at our permanent location in Stockholm or at trunk shows locations in either London or NYC.

Second fitting
The second fitting is scheduled (London/NYC: 2-3 months / Stockholm 7-8 weeks) after the first fitting. During the second fitting we make alterations and update the clients fitting profile for future orders. 

Third fitting
After 2-3 weeks we inspect the alterations made during the second fitting and update the digital pattern further if necessary. 

The product is ready for delivery. When delivered, the clients fitting profile is digitally updated so that future orders can be made smoothly.


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