Evening Wear

Evening wear refers to a way of dress that is considered too festive or formal for everyday use. Something to wear for special occasions where the office wardrobe simply does not cut it. Atelier Saman Amel offers a great variety of timeless and exciting alternatives for formal or festive attire.

Starting prices stated below are for the Toscana line. All garments can be made in the Napoli line as well. Read about what separates the lines here.


Tuxedo – Starting at 14.000SEK
         The epitome of contemporary formal or festive men’s attire and a corner stone in every versatile wardrobe. Atelier Saman Amel offers a variety of executions on the tuxedo, spanning from the most classic to the less conventional, to cover all black tie events.

Evening suit – Starting at 13.500SEK
The evening suit is slightly less formal and/or festive than the tuxedo, however, more so than everyday business attire. Something one wears for special occasions where black tie is not a required dress code. An evening suit can take numerous different shapes in terms of design depending the area of usage, however, the goal is to make it special – something that always feels exciting lifting out of the wardrobe.

Dinner jacket – Starting at 11.500SEK
         The dinner jacket is more expressive and less formal than the tuxedo and the evening suit. A dinner jacket can for example be a perfect alternative for a summer wedding or a daytime festivity where a tuxedo or evening suit might feel too stiff.