Atelier Saman Amel trousers are produced in two level of handicraft, Toscana and Napoli line. The atelier offers a wide selection of fabrics - everything from heavy cotton and brushed flannels to light linen and solaro is available. As with every Saman Amel garment, the fit and detailing of the trouser is made with great attention to the bodily proportions of the customer.


Napoli - Starting at 5.000 SEK 
         The essence of the Neapolitan tailoring tradition. The product is made fatto a mano (totally by hand). The construction is soft and the general appeal of the product is that of effortless elegance. Made in Naples.

Toscana - Starting at 3.500 SEK
         A fully hand finished product which increases in character over time. Following the natural lines of the client, the Toscana product is essentially comfortable wearing at all occasions. Made in outside of Florence.

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